Necklaces and Bracelet are purely made of PUKA, WHITE CLAM, COCO, MOP, CUT, TIGER and WHITE SHELL. All purely handcrafted from the finest natural materials. 
Shell Pendant Necklaces
Assorted Shell Necklace
Assorted Shell Necklace
Assorted Shell Necklace
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[Coco Flower] [Feather Necklace] [Graduated Shell] [Football] [Bamboo Tube] [Coco Heishe] [Pukalet]
[Wood Beads] [4-5 Pukalet] [Shell Heishe] [White Shell] [2-3 Coco Pukalet] [Square Cut] [Knot]
[Ceramic] [Marbleize] [7-8mm Coco Heishe] [Splashing] [Surfboard Pendants] [5 Rows] [Coco Barrel]
[Square Cut Shell] [Ceramic Ball] [Bone Pendants] [Himatite] [Coco Pukalet] [Y necklace] [Ethnic]
[Cut Shell] [Flower MOP] [Everlasting] [3 Rows] [White Clam]


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